Issues sending using Outlook2016

On Friday morning the MiaB server (v0.43) did an unattended-upgrade. After that, Outlook2016 was no longer able to connect to send outgoing email. Webmail, and mobile clients continued to function properly.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

The MiaB status page reported that a reboot was necessary. I am awaiting to hear from the users if the reboot has solved the problem … in the meantime, has anyone else encountered this?

Outlook 2016 with activesync/imap/pop3 config?
My Outlook 2016 using activesync works stable as ever.

Upon further review … the client’s desktop Outlook email clients were connecting to MiaB with SPA (Secure Password Authentication) ???
Once he changed this to SMTP, Outlook began working.

The thing is … why the hell does M$ have their own proprietory authentication method - and more importantly, WHY did it suddenly stop working? or why was it even working in the first place with MiaB?

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Likely this is a correlation does not equal causation situation.

Both the server and the client installed updates but SPA was never working in the first place, but rather was enabled accidentally due to an update on the client computer?

Just speculating, but maybe it’s food for thought? I’ve seen Office updates do much worse in the past.

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