Issue with outgoing mail

I am hosting my site on name cheap and only email server is through mail in a box on a digital ocean server.

I am getting bounce back for some of the mails. I have checked my mail server settings and found out that SPF records are not properly set, maybe that’s why we are unable to send mail and our mails considered as spam. Here I am adding report link and a image of my setting for mail-in-box please take a look

Screenshot_2018-12-07 box ehsconsultantsgroup org - Mail-in-a-Box Control Panel.png1841x2590 343 KB

Looks like you have a stale A record for

Query MX record from DNS server for:
Testing mechanism
Query A record from DNS server for:

Which points to the wrong server. This might be causing SPF to fail.

Thanks for the reply I did update the IP of and now it’s working fine. Thanks alot.

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