Issue with just one domain not resolving NS correctly

I have been running my MiaB for a few months now without any issue. Have setup a secondary DNS with and everything has been great.

Now I get an error on one domain (I have seven hosted currently on my box) that is now having issues finding the nameservers I have set on the domain with the host. The error I get in the system page is the following

The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect. They are currently [Not Set]. Use your domain name registrar’s control panel to set the nameservers to;

Nothing changed with my host so not sure what to tell them to show them that the issue is on their end. I even did a DNS test and found that certain geographies are having issues getting NS records for the domain.

I have all of the other domains hosted with the same provider but in a separate account and all of them are working fine.

Any thoughts on what to try next?

I use buddydns

Make a free acount and a zone and just paste these in MIAB Secondary Name server:

Paste them at your registrar, as well, by making NS entries there too!
They will propagate all the way to Mars :slight_smile:

I will try this, but I think the issue is that when requests are being sent to my domain host to get the nameservers, that is failing at that point and not due to my box or DNS settings being the issue.

Is there any way I can test that?

Just to be sure: this was working before? has your domain registered and your domain registrar has both nameservers registered?
What sometimes gets in the way is dnssec. If you have it enabled, disable it for the domain, then wait for everything to work, and then you can re-enable it.

The domain is registered at GoDaddy (yeah, I know) and is setup as the backup DNS.

It was all working fine and suddenly stopped without any changes on my end besides updating the packages on the box periodically to keep the OS and everything up to date.

It does have DNSSec setup so I will try disabling that and see if that fixes things. Could that just start failing all of a sudden without changes on my end?

Well, not suddenly, but in my experience it sometimes just fails even if you only changed something that didn’t seem related.

Maybe a site like or might provide a hint…

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DNSSEC is evil, so yeah. Most likely it has been broken for a while, but DNSSEC issues do not always manifest themselves immediately.

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Always disable DNSSEC at the registrat before making changes there. Wait to see if all is OK and reanable.

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You all are awesome. Turned off DS and my MiaB status went back to all green. So now I can turn it back on? Why would DS mess with this? So dumb.

As an update, it looks like my host has issues with DNSSec and that may be the issue. I cannot add back the record to my domain so I wonder if they have an issue that caused the issue.

I’ll call them tomorrow to report the issue and see what they say. I’ll post the response here for future.