Is legit?

Hi, I am loving MIAB. I appreciate the effort that has gone into it to make IP switching easy, and the seamless integration of everything.

I have noted that the link is posted in lots and lots of posts as a way to check the reputaion of our emails. I wonder how reputable this company is. Is there a article that says how they handle our emails? Are they collecting a list of emails or hosts who are running MiaB? I’ve now laid it a trap by customizing my “send” email address. I am keeping a look for how they handle our addresses.

This is merely my concern. Its highly plausible I am wrong and is a good reputable website. I do not wish to harm their reputation if they are. Just that I could not find how they handle our data from their website.

I’ve been using them for months, and you’ll probably find that I was the first one to mention them here.

They were brought to my attention by a ESP which I resell services for. In the 2+ years that I have used them I have not seen, nor heard any comments to the negative.

It is possible, even in these days and times, that someone wants to contribute a good service to the community without taking back. Rare, yes.

Maybe their FAQ can answer more of your questions: