Is it possible to login in mail-in-a-box using HTTP POST?


Would it be possible to login using HTTP POST or do mail-in-a-box have an API?


If you look at the admin panel it explains the admin api.

Hi @murgero,

I have checked the Custom DNS panel and yes there are examples how to use Custom DNS API.
Ok, I get it now, would you mind if I ask a different question within this thread, this is regarding with the External DNS? Thanks.

Ask away friend. Any question is welcome here.

Is there a way to extract the External DNS using the same method from the Custom DNS API? I’m planning to create a desktop app and automate the process.

Unfortunately not, you can however extract the NSD zone files using SSH (C#, JS, C, C++ all have SSH libs for Windows and Linux)

If that is the case, I think the zone file will do. Would you know where I can find this zone file?
By using putty I could access my mail-in-a-box VPS:

You can access them under /etc/nsd I think, but check the man page first for it.

ok and will to check it, thanks.