Is it possible to directly download sqlite db for backup and restore

Is it possible to directly download the sqlite db file and re upload the same file at the same location. If something goes wrong with the server and I have to reinstall Ubuntu on a VPS, is it possible to do it with backups disabled? Asking this for a small 20GB server with no space for backups.

MiaB isn’t really very configurable on the server side. If you want to go customize, you’re on your own.


There really is no reason to do what you are asking as the sqlite database is only for authentication. So there is not much there, and nothing that would bring back the system if it alone were backed up.

You need the full backup. If disk space is an issue, get a larger storage capacity VPS.

As far as I can tell, Roundcube stores all your email that not in your inbox in a sqlite db.

That is not correct. Email is stored in maildir format in /home/user-data/mail

Looking in there, I don’t see nearly enough email for everything is in all my folders. I have hundreds (if not thousands) of email in folders and at most there are 25 in the cur folder, nothing in the new or tmp.

Were is all my email? I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m just confused as to where all my email is stored.

So what is the location of sqlite.db