IPV4 DNS Timeout

On the status check page I’m getting the below listed error on my box.XXXXX.org domain. Prior to today all happy little green checkmarks. However, my email domain seems fine and I am sending and receiving email. I took my system offline for a couple of hours when the internet “seemed a bit wonky”. (How fortunate when I have my own personal email server!)

Anyway are others having this problem?

Your box’s reverse DNS is currently [timeout] (IPv4) and box.XXXXX.org (IPv6), but it should be box.XXXXX.org. Your ISP or cloud provider will have instructions on setting up reverse DNS for your box.

Well… close this out. Just turned to a green check mark. Perhaps I checked too soon after rebooting the server…

"Reverse DNS is set correctly at ISP. "

If the PTR record can be viewed and that warning is showing, then it is a known bug that I’m not aware anyone has yet to track down the cause of.

The rDNS check is only for FCrDNS which may only impact “inboxing” with some mail servers, but I’m not aware thishas reported this issue in the dashboard to be reflected in deliverability issues.

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