iOS Outlook SMTP Issue


After setting my MIAB account up in Outlook on my Mac, everything was fine. So I decided to add it to Outlook on my iPhone.

After following the on screen prompts (selecting IMAP under advanced settings) and inputting all of my correct details (username, password and host name) I get an SMTP error (see screenshot).

Has anyone else ran into this issue? If so, how do I successfully get my MIAB account onto my iPhone via Outlook?



did you already check if the account works in iOS‘s built-in mail app?


Yes - the account works fine on the default mail app, although I did download and use the Automatic Configuration profile.

The solution to this issue is to append the port number to the IMAP Hostname and the SMTP Hostname so that they look like this:

box.domain.tld:993 for IMAP


box.domain.tld:587 for SMTP

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