Installation Error (script breaks vps internet connection)

I heve error during script installation. It’s exactly as described in this topic on Jun '18:

But there were no any solution provided.

System: Ubuntu 18.04 x64. Virtualization: VMware

Before running script internet on vps is working perfectly. After running script it fails durring instalaltion process with “unable to resolve” errors. From this point internet on vps completly broken: unable to run any command that rely on internet connection. Even ping by ip address not working.

After looking in source code I found that this part in /setup/ leads to problems:

# First we'll disable systemd-resolved's management of resolv.conf and its stub server.
# Breaking the symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf means
# systemd-resolved will read it for DNS servers to use. Put in,
# which is where bind9 will be running. Obviously don't do this before
# installing bind9 or else apt won't be able to resolve a server to
# download bind9 from.
rm -f /etc/resolv.conf
tools/ /etc/systemd/resolved.conf DNSStubListener=no
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

# Restart the DNS services.

restart_service bind9
systemctl restart systemd-resolved

Changing /etc/resolv.conf to
search localdomain
And commenting DNSStubListener=no in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
Repairs internet connections.
But that’s all I find out. Still looking for a solution to properly install mail-in-box.

There seems to be something about running MiaB in a VM that can cause problems, with the admin ending up having to create their own build of MiaB.

The solution to properly installing MiaB will be to configure your VM to properly support MiaB, as that is where the problem lies.

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The SOLUTION is to follow the installation instructions EXACTLY.

Installing MiaB to a locally hosted VM is not following the intstruction exactly. Sadly anyone doing so is going to be pretty much on their own.

Since you are running on a VM it is likely that systemd-resolved is already modified to work, and installing MiaB changes those modifications because MiaB is expecting to be in control. You need to determine how to work around this. If you do not know how, then I urge you to follow the instructions EXACTLY, which again do not include installing on a local VM.

I’m afraid your conclusions are wrong. Where in my post you find that I ran it locally? Maybe you don’t know, but VMware software (VMware vSphere High Availability) also used by hosting providers. This is my case.

I pretty much expected you to come back and say this. Yes, of course VPS’s are simply VM’s but your original comment suggests elsewise:

From this comment I concluded that you are running MiaB in a container … whether it be locally (at home) or locally (on a VPS) it is still a local container within the VPS … not sure if that makes sense.

If you are not running it within a vm container that you have created, which provider are you using?

There no information in setup guide about any specific requirements to what type of virtualization should be used: KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, or… VMWare hypervizor. Which is a commercial software that some hosting providers prefer to use.

Yes, I absolutely agree that this information is not included in the setup guide and it has been an issue at times. Not so right now as OpenVZ does not support Ubuntu 18.04 but when we were on Ubuntu 14.04 many many times the installation failed because MiaB and OpenVZ did not play well together.

AFAIK, most of the providers that people use are using KVM. In the setup guide people are recommended to use Digital Ocean (which uses KVM) so the comment about following the setup guide exactly is valid. I still feel strongly that people be free to choose their own provider (especially with Digital Ocean declining steadily in both quality and support) so they would need to find a provider utilizing KVM virtualization as it matches the virtualization used by the provider in the set up guide.

Now, your big question is … can VMWare Hypervizor HA in some way be configured to host MiaB. Sadly, I cannot offer any insight to that.

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