ImpactVPS Specific Solution for DNS / Bind9 / NSD Issues

This post is a follow up to DNS errors please help (this post is now closed).

sunitknandi offered some very useful guidance in fixing a small glitch with the BIND9 / NSD packages provided by setup.

He stated the following as a solution to the problems occurring on this particular provider.

Hello Ozfer,

There is an issue with the bind9 package.

Type these in order in a root shell:
/etc/init.d/bind9.dpkg-dist start
update-rc.d bind9.dpkg-dist defaults
update-rc.d bind9.dpkg-dist enable

Bind9 should start working and would start upon reboots. The Ubuntu packaging probably made a mistake. They made the bind9 script an empty script that returns 0 for all cases, while leaving the real script at bind9.dpkg-dist.

I too have the same issue. Fixed it the way I mentioned above.

Have a great day!

Now that actually will bring the DNS systems back into alignment, but I think a better way of going about this is to install the BIND9 packages “apt-get install bind9” BEFORE you ever run the MIAB setup script. I did it this way and my situation was fixed without having to remove / modify the already installed packages after the fact.

No packages are provider by mail-in-a-box. They are provided by you VPS provider’s own software repositories for ubuntu… You need to take this issue up with them.

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