I Need Help with my Delivery issue for Yahoo Email Marketing

Hello All , i am doing Email marketing on Yahoo Domain , from past 2+ year, After 13th march 2024 , i am facing delivery issue with my yahoo mailing server , only 16mail delivered per hour , after that Tss04 error occured, i am using GreenArrow CRM for sending , I create new server so many time but still facing same issue , i am here for asking help , please give suitable suggestion and solution if anyone have. thankyou Team.

Using mailinabox for “email marketing” was never part of the projects intention.

You might want to consider a platform for this, several exist. Maybe greenarrow crm is one of them?

Most of mass email is considered to be SPAM and sending from a MiaB server just means you will be blocked (eventually) Larger companies like the below work with huge mail providers like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, etc so they are “whitelisted” on the server to ensure people get these “marketing materials”. I doubt there is really a path forward in 2024 where you can spin up a small mailserver like MIAB and not get blocked.

There has been several posts online about Gmail and Yahoo re-evaluating the quality of mail and blocking domains or IPs if they think the mail your sending is spam-ish.

Here’s Guidance from Gmail → Email sender guidelines - Google Workspace Admin Help

" Spam rate

  • Regularly monitor your domain’s spam rate in Postmaster Tools.

  • Keep spam rates reported in Postmaster Tools below 0.10% and avoid ever reaching a spam rate of 0.30% or higher. Learn more

  • Maintaining a low spam rate helps senders be more resilient to occasional spikes in user feedback.

  • Maintaining a high spam rate leads to increased spam classification. It can take time for improvements in spam rate to reflect positively on spam classification."

Yahoo → https://senders.yahooinc.com/best-practices/

Here’s some platforms:

I’m not sure any of us can help. Most of us use Mailinbox for email for our domains (business or personal) not mass mailing. (I hope anyways…)

Please don’t waste time seeking advice as you are a bulk sender via MIAB. MIAB is for personal use and is based on NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours (2013).

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vele please modify this before you get in trouble. I’m not sure these comments fall in line with the code of conduct of this project. While I can understand your perspective you still need to follow the code of conduct.


also Josh has commented before in these threads that business use is okay - see post: Is Mail-in-a-Box Enterprise ready?

I do however think there is a difference between business use and “mass marketing” though…

I don’t think it has to get modified as @Bruce27 is clearly a bulk send and not a business. He is clearly worried about his 16 mail delivery per hour. Read above his ambiguous message. I don’t know why you bother answering.

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