Is Mail-in-a-Box Enterprise ready?

Interested in hearing from Josh, but other opinions are more than welcome.

Do you think MIAB is good and ready enough to be used as a mail solution for a small business with 10-20 users?

I’ve been running it for myself for about five months now and all has been perfect, after making some early mistakes like messing with the servers. It seems that one just needs to keep an eye on it here and there and wait for issues to come out before installing new updates. And this platform has been pretty good to know what’s going on with new updates and what seems to be broke or not.

What do you think?

I hope so. I haven’t run a box with more than three low-use users, so I can’t speak to it directly. But the goal of the project is definitely that!

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Just be aware that apparently there is a problem with +45GB accounts. (

We are far from having users using so much space.

I want to convince my boss to move to MIAB. Right now each employee just ends up creating a new email on gmail and other places for use.

If he does agree to start using our own domain with MIAB, I’ll keep you guys updated and let you know how things are going.

I’ve bookmarked this topic because I’m also interested in how well MIAB scales. @francoischevel, if you proceed please do keep us up to date.

For a number of reasons I’ve been entertaining the notion of providing a small, at-cost, managed email service based on MIAB for a few sole-proprietorships and very small companies with which I have association. One thing I keep thinking about is that MIAB is designed with a 1:1 host:email-stack relationship. There’s no built in clustering capability in the full MIAB stack. You can of course create clustered email server stacks using the constituent packages that form MIAB, but that’s rather purpose-defeating here. This is something that has some weight in my thoughts because to change a MIAB email server, merge boxes, move accounts, or other heavy lifting, isn’t as “easy” as it is in something like Exchange, and no one likes significant downtime. For me, this is something to consider when thinking about email platforms for a company. (Not a criticism of MIAB, but more an open question for consideration and discussion with regard to MIAB use cases.)

Something that would be interesting to develop would be a set of out of band maintenance scripts to handle things like server moves, mailbox moves, etc, in a highly automated fashion where the only input you’d need is the hostnames and/or email addresses.

I run a box with about 30-40 users and 10-20 domains. You should be fine. :smile:

hey @NurdTurd can you share your hardware for that kind of users? what’s the load on the server RAM/CPU … how about volume of emails?


Hey @AntonioSousa .

We use a 1TB hard drive that’s filled up around 7%. We have 16 GB of DDR4 memory that on usual load is on around 15-30%.

CPU is pretty much always at a stable 23%
In total, we have around 115 emails getting sent in and out per day. All in all, in all the inboxes combined, 23,193 emails as of this post.


Hey @NurdTurd,

I have a few questions if you wouldn’t mind.

Do your users use IMAP (or EWS) clients, Roundcube, or a mix of the two? Any problems or feedback from using Roundcube, if so? I’d be interested in the technical aptitude of your user base in relation to this. Mine is not exactly a population of sysadmins :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on how MIAB works in the professional environment in terms of issues and functions that might come up in ‘the office’ but not ‘at home’?


Not any I can find.

It all works really the same except that we sometimes use the ownCloud for file storage since there is that option, which is nice. :slight_smile:

[quote=“NurdTurd, post:10, topic:873, full:true”]

Your z-push is working without any issues?

What’s z-push ? I haven’t had any problems with the box, everything runs fine.

Z-Push is the name of the software that provides Exchange/ActiveSync support.

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