I keep hitting this point where I can't get records to propagate from the Custom DNS tab

I’m wondering if anyone else experiences this I create DNS records over time and ostensibly during regular operations and inevitably I end up hitting one record its not predictable what record but dns_update.py does not fix it however for example I have a record visibly there in the management tab for custom DNS for chat.fansdb.cc however it doesn’t propagate.

Has no one else had this inconsistency?

Go to admin page External DNS > Donwload Zone file. Inspect it carefully for double entries. Clean it if you have unnecessary custom entries. You might try buddyns.com to setup multiple NS entries on your box for faster propagation.

Fair call I went to the custom dns file and it seems to be fine but is there a plan to have some kind of way to make sure this never happens?

Hi and please confirm that your dns records are propagating.
Please note that Mailinabox has a By default, MIAB sets the TTL to 86400 which is seconds i.e. 1 day.

So whenever you set any record 1 day will pass for the new setting to take place.

For faster propagation to overcome any preset changes there are some tricks in terms of setting records on other dns providers such as https://www.cloudns.net/ for free to overcome this TTL (time to live) limit.
But as far as I undestand you are all set and done!

Check propagation of any record here https://dnschecker.org/

this solves the wrong problem please read the post.

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