I got my IP unblocked by Microsoft! The process:

Guaranteed results from my simple eleven-step process!

  1. Sign up for the Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) and Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) to voluntarily get reports when users at outlook.com / hotmail.com / msn.com report spam from your host/IP.

  2. Nobody reports anything bad about your IP.

  3. Get blocked anyway? Get blocked anyway.

  4. File a support request with their system. Get an automated message a few minutes later that, after careful review, your system does not qualify to be whitelisted.

  5. Reply to the automated message asking why. Get no response.

  6. Pay to be removed from the UCEPROTECT blacklist, which is a scam, but you have no idea what is going on.

  7. Submit another support request. Still don’t qualify for mitigation. Check JMRP & SNDS. Zero reports of spam/complaints in Microsoft’s own system that they run themselves.

  8. Reply again. No response.

  9. Realize that they’re blocking your inbound messages because they’re blocking everything from your IP so you forward the message to gmail and send a reply from there.

  10. Get a reply a few hours later (yay!) where they accuse you of sending spam (boo) even though their own system that they run themselves says you do not.

Your IP was blocked by Outlook.com because Hotmail customers have reported email from this IP as unwanted

  1. Reply and say, “uh, what? No, they haven’t.”

  2. Microsoft replies and says, “Oh lol sorry you’re unblocked now.”

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My experience was a bit different and more positive:

  1. Signed up for JMRP and SNDS programs.

  2. File a support request as you did.

  3. Standard email reply indicates that the IP is not eligible for mitigation.

  4. Reply to email asking for reconsideration. My email to the support address was delivered despite my IP being blocked on Outlook.

  5. Microsoft’s Outlook support team asked me for some documents proving that I own the IP address. Basically emails and invoices from my VPS provider.

  6. IP unblocked successfully.

It’s actually a fair and quick process, and their support team is very responsive. I got it done in ~24 hours.


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