I forget email and password

I need someone help me i forget my email and password for admin panel how i can get it again please

Probably simplest to add a second admin user from the command line … I will come back with instructions a bit later.

I am waiting for you, I hope for a reply soon

Using the API still requires username and password I think, but these are the commands that would do it:

Adds a new email user

curl -X POST -d “email=new_user@mydomail.com” -d “password=s3curE_pa5Sw0rD” https://box.domail.com/admin/mail/users/add

Adds admin privilege to an email user

curl -X POST -d “email=new_user@mydomail.com” -d “privilege=admin” https://box.domail.com/admin/mail/users/privileges/add

Correct OP still needs the admin username and password.

Is it possible to create a new admin user just running the install script?

Hmm, maybe … let’s see

No. It skips that prompt.

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