I do not receive emails from Office 365 or Outlook

hello, I use Mailinabox for almost 18 months, currently I use the latest version on Ubuntu server, everything works fine.

Except that sometimes you can send me mails that I will never receive.

These appear to be sent from Outlook or Office 365 addresses.

Have you noticed this type of problem?

have a good day

I am the only one with this problem?

It sounds like maybe their SPF is wrong. I’d contact the owner of the email address having issues and tell them to have their IT people of the issue.

It all started by not receiving the mails of a train company SNCF, I do not know what service they use, then my lawyer, I never received these mail, I was forced to use a Yahoo address to receive these mails send from the outlook servers.

The company where I work provides Office 365 addresses, so I tried to send an email, but I never received it.

So having an Office 365 address, or do I have to check the SPF? I thank you