I cannot change the root directory for domains served by mail-in-a-box


I have everything working. When I go to box/admin page and select Web then I see the following table for the served domains

Site -> Directory for Files
(h)ttps://box.sparklegal.com.au -> /home/user-data/www/default
(h)ttps://sparklegal.com.au -> /home/user-data/www/default

when I clicked on the “Change” button in the first row the page suggests the following

Change Root Directory for box.sparklegal.com.au

          You can change the static directory for box.sparklegal.com.au to: /home/user-data/www/box.sparklegal.com.au

After I click Update The page responds with message

Web Update

          Nothing changed.

I have two questions
1- Is this a bug or am I missing something?
2- can I change the root directory other than /home/user-data/www/box.sparklegal.com.au, e.g. /home/user-data/www/someotherdir

thanks in advance

Looks like I didn’t finish that. You have to create the directory it tells you, manually, before clicking that.

Thanks Josh i will try it tonight but i think it will work. Once again thanks for the great product and support