Changing the root directory for domains results in "Nothing changed"

I am not able to change the root directory for static web hosting, the message is “Nothing changed” even though I have created the directories.

I actually followed the steps detailed in I cannot change the root directory for domains served by mail-in-a-box. Unfortunately, I first clicked on the “Change” button before creating the folders. However, even after creating the directories, the message is still “Nothing changed”.

What am I missing? Thank you,

Please disregard and close this thread, after rebooting the VPS, all is fine.

Hi everyone,

Rather than open a new thread I found this one to be similar to my issue.

I want to keep my root at the default location /home/user-data/www/default

and only change so that one of the aliases points to another directory /home/user-data/www/

So that when i visit, shows default index.html and when i visit it shows my custom index.html

I tried configuring it this way, following the instructions in both of the suggested thread, however, it continues to render the index.html found in default for both root and the alias.

If i edit index.html in the default, both the root and the alias change, even though the index.html inside /home/user-data/www/ is clearly a different file

Is the static web page feature only to change the root directory for all or can it be used for specific aliases?


Hi tonyp,

I just did the same thing this week for the default and two domains.

In my configuration, I uploaded custom index.html files to these folders.


It worked, however I had to flush the cache in my browser before I could see the results. You could try that or open the domains on different devices.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jrex, flushing cache and using different devices didnt work for me.

What ended up working in this case was to create another folder as root on the box for an existing new alias that i hadn’t pressed the “Change” button for.
Once that directory was made, i went back into Web section, hit “Change” button for that new domain.
Opened a browser, visited my old domain and now my new index.html page was served correctly.

I am curious to know which part of the code is responsible for allowing the Change button to be so effective, unfortunately, im not at all familiar with Python.


Hey Tony. That’s the extent of my knowledge so I’ll count myself lucky. I’ll be adding another domain this week. I’m curious if it will continue to work. If it doesn’t, I’ll try your technique.