How would one move domain?

I got a new domain name and already set it up in mailinabox and it works fine,

however right now its using “” as the mail server, would you recommend going through the process of changing it for the new one? if yes how? will i keep my current emails?

I also would like the old domain to still work but not be the main domain, in case someone has the old one

Without further details, my general recommendation is to have a domain dedicated for MiaB. This protects the reputation of the mail server, as the domain of the hostname only has the one admin user account which generally isn’t used for sending mail and shouldn’t be available on mobile devices or other installations that may more easily be compromised.

What is the status of the “old” domain? What are your intentions going forward with that domain?

What do you mean by the status? Right now the old domain is the primary domain for the box (and still works like it should), I would like to change the primary domain to the new domain name and probably have the old one as an alias. Preferably would like to keep the old received emails or somehow import them when I’m done

One idea I had is use the install wizard and change the domain there, but I’m not sure if that will remove my old emails so I would need to export them

This Topic was covered once before:

Finally I have cracked it.

So I have successfully managed to change primary/default domain name
and sub-domain name as well: —> 2

here is what I have done:

1] change you rDNS/PTR record at your VPS/ISP provider —> 2

2] change the External nameservers for all [other] domains at your Domain Registrars —> —>

3] change your Ubuntu Server “host” name and reboot —> 2

4] run the “sudo mailinabox” and change the primary/default domain name on the BOX

5] change the DNSSEC details as requited on all [other] domains at your Domain Registrars according to details from " System Status Checks" page.

6] change all the “Aliases” e-mail addresses for [hostmaster@, postmaster@, admin@ and abuse@] so they point to correct/new primary/default domain

This should not be the case … and the emails will only be redelivered if you had Secondary DNS configured properly. Are you saying that you right now are without email???

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