How to turn off DNSSEC?

I set up mailinabox as namesever for two domains and enabled DNSSEC. Now I would like to migrate the mailbox and domains to another server and change the nameserver as well and use the registrars namesever (Namesilo).

In the MIAB admin it says:

If you previously enabled DNSSEC on your domain name by setting a DS record at your registrar, you will likely have to turn it off before changing nameservers.

Deleting the ds records is not possible at Namesilo, it seems this has to be done on MIABs side by turning off DNSSEC. How can I do that? It does not seem to be possible in the MIAB admin area?

Thanks for your help!

While MIAB tells you what the DS records should be, they are stored at the registrar level. So you need to go to Namesilo and delete those records.

If Namesilo doesn’t allow deleting such records, you’ll need to contact their support team.

Thanks for super fast answer!

I tried deleting it but Namesilo gives me always this error message

The following errors occured:
EPP server error

I will contact support then, thanks again!

Just to update (and close) this issue. You should be disable DNSSEC easily at your registrar. I contacted Namesilo support and they disabled it quickly for me. It seems to have been a bug on their side. They are investigating the issue why it was not possible for me to disable it.

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