How to test backups?

I’m thinking about installing MIAB in a VM on my local machine (using non production info), copying the backup files from my production MIAB machine, do a restore and check if it works and everything’s there.

One worry I have in this scenario is that the restore on the local VM might interfere with the production machine when connected to the internet.

Is this a decent way to test the restore proces or is there another better procedure?

I don’t see how the local machine would interfere with the production machine. Without having DNS that points to your local machine, it’s pretty benign. There shouldn’t be any IMAP/POP/SMTP/DNS connections to that machine since your local IP address isn’t in any DNS records for the production domain.

i had to do server change a short while ago and finding it a little bit complicated i ended up rsyncing the whole “www-data” dir in home to the new server which even took care of certs an everything worked great and was soo super easy

Just tried it out, thanks to the confirmation from @sdlocker that it wouldn’t interfere. It worked perfectly! Thanks for all your help.

I also did a server change using the instructions from this post:

But, like the OP, I’m curious as to how a full restore would go. Skimming these search results demonstrate successes in restoring backups in various situations:

p.s. As I was typing this, Richard5 just posted his success story. Yay!