How to temporarily enable SMTPS (port 465)

Hi guys,

I need to connect one of my mailboxes with older web application, that supports smtp communication only on port 465 (SMTPS protocol). It is unable to communicate via STARTTLS (port 587).

How should I go about it in miab? What settings/files I need to change?

Will changing /etc/postfix/ - uncommenting “smtps” line suffice along with allowing port 465 through firewall? Or do I have to change anything else to make it work?

Thank you very much in advance for any tips!
All the best.

Let’s answer it myself - yes, it is all it takes to get it working.

Instead of modifying the config, I’d use a smart relay on another server to do this instead (this config you changed could be overwritten by an update, but using a smarthost relay would not be overwritten as it would not be part of your MIAB server)

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