Outbound Smarthosting


If I understand correctly from this comment on another post, I can change the relayhost in postfix’s main.cf to use an outbound messaging gateway and the MIAB won’t override my config (until potentially an upgrade), correct?

I would like to use my existing Proofpoint infrastructure for outbound while moving to a self-hosted server.

What are you looking to do exactly? If you just need a spam filter, that’s simple enough to setup.

If you need outbound email while moving servers, that’s not possible with smarthosts. The server / services need to be online in order to use a smarthost.

I added sender_dependent_relayhost_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/bysender.cf to my postfix main.cf and then added to that bysender.cf fille domain.com [outbound.smarthost.com] so that it routes the domain via the smarthost.

My only concern is that I read that MIAB restores main.cf to original defaults during “cleanup” and that edit may be wiped. But in the meantime, that config works perfectly

Hi faisal,

Did the relayhost entry end up remaining in place when you did your server move or did MIAB end up overwriting it during its cleanup? If it remained in place, was that across multiple days / MIAB daily_tasks.sh maintenance cycles?