How to set DNSSEC


I currently have a domain and have just received confirmation from Nominet that my glue records (name servers) are now pointing to my box IP - it now shows a green tick on the Status Admin page.

As Mail In A Box now controls all DNS records, how do I go about setting up DNSSEC? Do I still have to set this through Namesco (the ones who I bought the domain from), or is this something I can set myself within MIAB as this now controls DNS for this domain?


If you see:

✓ DNSSEC ‘DS’ record is set correctly at registrar.

in the MiaB dashboard, then the DNSSEC configuration is complete. Note this check will be performed for each domain with at least one user account or alias on MiaB, even when you do not intend to use MiaB as the name server for that domain.

Hi, mine says:

This domain’s DNSSEC DS record is not set. The DS record is optional. The DS record activates DNSSEC. See below for instructions.

Instead of DNSSec configuration is complete?

Then your DNSSEC is not yet configured. You will need to follow the instructions there in the dashboard.

Which goes back to my original question, are these to be set in MailInABox as this is what solely controls all my DNS settings, or back to Namesco?

As the instructions in the dashboard state, you need set the DS record through your registrar.

Through your registar.

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