How to renew security certificate?

All my mail comes though my current mail in a box, but for the last couple months I have been getting a notice that the security certificate can not be verified. A friend of mine set this mail box up a number of years ago, and unfortunately he passed away. My question is how do you re-certify this mail system? Thanks!!!

Hi @BDHorning

From the comment that a friend set this up a number of years ago, I am going to assume that there has not been any updates, or maintenance applied …

Years ago, MiaB would have been set up on the Ubuntu operating system version 14.04. That operating system is out of date and no longer supported which is a huge security risk for you. This also explains why SSL certificates are no longer being renewed.

The solution is to upgrade your service to a newer version. This may or may not be simple - dependent upon whether or not you are using NextCloud.

Instructions for upgrade may be found here: Mail-in-a-Box Maintenance Guide

If you’d prefer, I can do the upgrade for you for a reasonable fee.

Please feel free to contact me for assistance!

Hi Alento, I don’t know why I did not get this until now, I would love some assistance on this for I hardly have a clue to what I am doing. What is the next step, what do you need?

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Hi, sorry I have been offline for a couple of days so I am just now reading your response.

I think that the next step is for us to communicate through PM, email, or Slack to figure out exactly what you are going to need. I will be on Slack again from Monday afternoon.

Oh, and my business office is at my home, so you can all most anytime!!


I redacted your personal information from your reply. I will reach out on Monday.

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