How to Reissue CERTs that go simply MAD Cow

Hi I have 4 Domains on my MIaB and i would like to know is there an easy simplistic way to reissue all of the CERT’s (the free ones of course) the OOTB (Out Of The Box) MIaB (I am going acronym crazy now) how do i just delete the CERT’s that i have installed with that wonderful PROVISION CERTS button and recreate them. Please don’t ask me why i am doing this, because i actually believe that my main CERT has gone crazy… and i just simply want to replace them all. so is there a simple answer to do this (like a nifty .PY python) script that i can run to just clobber these CERT’s and allow me to recreate them all…

Simple helpful answer would be greatly appreciated and if we ever meet in MacDonald’s your first CheeseBurger is on me… :slight_smile:

Thanks Team


I am not going to let you off so easily @Clarence . :stuck_out_tongue:

What makes you think that your ‘main’ domain SSL certificate has gone crazy? I’d like to get to the bottom of that issue instead … rather than using the nuclear option. :slight_smile:

Anyways, there is a nuclear option which I have posted several times in the past … I thought that I would do it myself so that I could write step-by-step instructions. But … it failed. So, I am busily trying to determine why my procedure doesn’t work any longer. :frowning:

I’ll update this thread when I have figured it out.

Thanks so much Alento, well one of the inherent problems with MIaB is the status checks can sometimes (allot of times) show inconsistent results. i dont know why it occurs but for some reason it just works very sketchy sometimes… Today i just backed out all of the domains except one… ( and have been really thinking about just reinstalling the whole thing again … But before i use my Nuclear option and just erase everything and start over… let me try to explain the issue:

  1. The emails are not arriving to my user sometimes it goes on and offline, i have a user in the USA that this is occurring with, my users in the UK are telling me that the mail comes spastically as well … I am in Bulgaria and the mail comes but sometimes it takes several hours to arrives and other times it takes longer. so something is not right … let me make a few things clear … 1. The dns records at the are as follows:

A (Record) box 134.209.XXX.XXX
A (Record) 134.209.XXX.XXX
A (Record) 134.209.XXX.XXX

The name server is pointed to

Nothing else all the rest is in MIaB …

From this update, I am quite certain that the issues you are experiencing are DNS related - so nothing to do with the SSL certificates.

I’ll work with you in PM to figure out the underlying issue and report back here.

For those looking for the instructions to reissue all SSL certificates, I will post that at the end of this thread. :slight_smile:

Bump @alento, cause I’m interested in your walk-through CERT Nuke.

OOPS!!! Sorry. It didn’t quite work as expected, so I had to troubleshoot and make sure that the process was correct. As mentioned, the OP’s issues were something else, so I simply forgot to come back to this. I’ll see if I cannot post instructions later tonight or tomorrow, so check back. :slight_smile: