How to point to internal servers

How does one add an internal server to mail in boxes custom dns? Most examples in forums refer to external hosted servers.
Is it just a matter of pointing an A record to the local servers internal address?

Thanx in advance.

Hi. I’m not sure what you mean by an internal server. We use “external DNS” in this project to refer to a DNS server that isn’t the Mail-in-a-Box itself, but it doesn’t sound like you’re asking about DNS. What are you trying to do?

Hi Josh,
I thought miab was the dns host for my domain thus I would need to A records to access servers under the domain name. Internal servers are servers located inside the local network.


MiaB is for public DNS if you have internal DNS then my suggestion to you is create a subdomain such as and delegate. You can do this via the Custom DNS tab in the MiaB panel, the option is available from the “type” drop down.

Now you need an internal DNS service, I would suggest something like Zentyal, FreeIPA or even Windows Active Directory. Make sure your DHCP service points to the internal DNS server(s).

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@julians1976, I think you’re asking about using Mail-in-a-Box’s built-in DNS server to set DNS records for subdomains so that subdomains resolve to a different server. Yes, you can set an A record for any subdomain or for any domain the box is hosting mail for (except the hostname of the box itself) to the IP address of the other server.

I think @paradoxbound is talking about how you might set up a second/alternate DNS server, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about.

The questions is ambiguous but seems to ask how do I assign RFC1918 private address space IPs with my public DNS.
My answer to that is you really shouldn’t and suggested how they could.

Section 2 of “IP Addresses that should never appear in the public DNS”

“Because the same private addresses are in use in many different
organizations, they are ambiguous. The appearance of private
addresses in the DNS could therefore lead to unpredictable and
unwanted behaviour.”

Thanx for the replies, I m trying the sub domain option


Good luck, if you haven’t chosen already, try Zentyal it is Ubuntu based and has a decent GUI and can handle Linux, Mac and Windows Clients. Installation is modular so you just need to install the bits you need. It also makes a good gateway router.