How to "go back" to yesterday night?

Hi guys,

I just made a lot of changes to my box that broke many things:
Spamassassin is not running (port 10025
Incoming Mail (SMTP/postfix) is not running (port 25).
Outgoing Mail (SMTP 587/postfix) is not running (port 587).

What would be the safest steps to “go back” to yesterday night?


I got this under available backups:
2019-06-06 03:00:04 CDT 5 hours, 24 minutes ago increment 298 MB
2019-06-05 03:00:05 CDT 1 day, 5 hours ago full 6.1 GB

My box is hosted at DO with latest snapshot: 2 days ago.

I don’t have to necessarily go back to yesterday night, 2 days ago would be fine (or better) too.

The box is live and with Hundred users.

I found this:

Should I go for it?

And…where is my main man Alento? :smile:

I don’t know if I should take the current droplet down first. It doesn’t say so in the steps.

I suppose Alento allowed me to fly solo this time because this should be easy enough for me :smile:
And…he was right. I’m back to a very nice system status checks page showing everything green.

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Heh, they do let the inmates out of the asylum sometimes!!! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides I am usually on night shift around here. :slight_smile:

He, he :smile:
A little scary flying solo this morning.