How to get Autoconfigure to work?

None of the domains hosted on my box ever detected the mail server settings on android or windows (mail app & outlook) I had added cname autoconfig.mydomain.tld and autodiscover.mydomain.tld pointing to but that still doesn’t detect automatically and I have to manually add the IMAP and SMTP server settings.

Am I missing something?

DNS is managed by the box.

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afaik autoconfigure only works with ActiveSync (z-push?)

At the very least, every mail client uses different autoconfig’s / autodiscovery’s, example: thunderbird and outlook use different autoconfigs

Try reading

it’s old, but should be relevant here. Have you tried outlook in activesync mode for the autodiscovery?

Yes, It would just never sync any mails and keep on disconnecting my connection!

RE: Outlook,

2016 is not compatible with the MIAB z-push version AFAIK, you may need Outlook 2013 or less.

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Seems like the Windows 10 mail app (which comes bundled) is also incompatible with autoconfigure.