How to edit my mail folder login screen

Please I’m new in email server configuration. I want to change the login screen of my mail login panel to look more professional for my company. Please any help how to do it will be more helpful.

The webmail interface is a PHP-based project called Roundcube. I haven’t personally experimented with changing the way it looks.

There are options to change how Roundcube looks, but this would be an MiaB customization, so you would need to figure out how to install. Usually this will cause problems whenever MiaB is updated because the update will rewrite any files installed by the project that you edited to support changing the skin.

Another option might be to use a separate server that just runs Roundcube and this way you can customize it however you like without interfering with MiaB functionality.

@coteincom The search function of this (and any) forum is your friend.

Thanks a lot for your replied.
We are just looking the folder path location like www/html/index.html that will help us to add logo into the login screen page.
Please any help we’ll be more great!!!

It is likely not going to be quite this simple.

The logo will be the same for all Rouncube login pages on MiaB.

The edit will have to be made in either a php file or replacement of the file used for the logo.

Both of these changes to MiaB will be reverted to default on MiaB updates and you will have to make the edit again.


We tried but we could not make it possible that is why we need some help from expert people lke you.

Did you read the link that I posted earlier? @Josue

Yes I did and found it more important. Thanks a lot to share this with me @alento

But the interface we are looking to edit is not admin side panel. It is mail login panel. We are just looking for the html or php source code t add our Image logo inside the index.html or index.htm or index.php. @alento any help like you did for admin side will be for thankful.

You should be able to figure it out from here. If not, a competent web dev can.