How to customize MIB interface?

Hi I want to change the header text of the pages and I want to remove the “get help” link on the login page. How Can I do that?

You are talking about two completely seperate and unrelated pages as far as MiaB is concerned.

To edit the roundcube home page text: (Note you cannot remove the link here)


Please note that any changes will not survive an update.

Your admin pages are at:


Good luck, but I do not think that things will end well…

I want to use my own brand name everywhere there must be a simple solution for this.

Yes, develop your own interfaces and landing pages for use with the components required to run a mail server stack. Then you can customize anything and everything to your liking.

MiaB exists to provide a simple to deploy standard non-customizable mail server stack that anyone can deploy. It is not for those who demand customization.