How to add bind9 as "slave" DNS server with automatic record transfer?

I was attempting to set up bind9 as a “slave” DNS server using MIAB as a “master” DNS server like in the admin panel. I added as a secondary ns in the control panel and updated the IP of the glue record at my domain register. MIAB is refusing to send DNS records to the “slave” DNS server. Is it possible to automatically update the DNS on the “slave” server? Do I need to set up bind9 to use MIAB API?

Hi, I’m not 100% certain what you’re doing, but I use MIAB with a secondary DNS and it “just works”.

Your MIAB server must be the “master” (it is managing the DNS records). The other (secondary) server is the slave. The slave will have to be configured to accept records from your MIAB box, and you just give MIAB the address of the slave (secondary) server, and MIAB sends the details.

From the screenshot, it looks like you might have things the other way around - but MIAB must be the primary/master server.

Hi @MIAB_User_01

I spent way too much time on this issue several months ago for a very unique use case and I learned a VERY VERY important lesson:

MiaB is configured to use and as the name servers. I too tried to do what you are attempting and failed miserably. However, I did indeed succeed in the end.

YOU CANNOT use as your slave. Use instead. When MiaB detects a secondary DNS server being used, it removes

Create glue for as per the instructions, and set glue for to point to your BIND instance’s IP address. Be sure to add an A record in the Custom DNS area for in the admin area.

This all assumes that you have BIND on the other VPS correctly configured.

Let me know if you run into any issues.


He is trying to run his own slave server…

The screenshot is from the non-MiaB server.

I was trying to be polite :grin: because it’s not 100% clear from the question which box was named what, and that they are actually trying to do the obvious and correct thing. We’ve all seen “obvious” situations that (after many questions and answers) turn out to be a unique/backwards/special interpretation. :upside_down_face:

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I’m attempting to use ns3 for the “slave” instead of ns2. Waiting for glue record to take effect.

I got it working. It’s been over 24 hours and ns3 still wont resolve so I cant add it. I ended up using xfr: using the “slaves” IP address too at least do the transfer. Seems to be working as both ns2 & ns3 are glued to the “slaves” IP. A DNS Traversal cheek shows ns1 ns2 & ns3 are working.

Hence perhaps the problem … you did not remove ns2 from the equation.

Would you be willing to share your MiaB hostname and a domain being served in PM as I’d like to take a look at your end result? I am open to the possibility that you have found a different way to do this… thanks!

I would but I cant figure out how to DM you

The easiest way is to click on my user name…

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