How much will I break this whole thing if I want to upgrade to the latest (version 13+) NextCloud?

I’m wanting to have the latest features like client side encryption in NextCloud I don’t want to force my users to show me their files as their sysadmin. I was wondering if upgrading manually will break everything or if I’ll be fine when, if ever we upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04. I also want the latest version for the security benefits as well.

It probably wont break the version of MIAB you are on, however it might (most likely will) break MIAB updates.

I did it and it broke nothing, it works. Again, for me , ymmv. However, the next MIAB update may fail due to the conflict of versions. It’s a couple minutes fix though, requires changes to the Owncloud version and its hash in the installation script.

I hope the maintainers include Nextcloud 13 in the coming updates, I don’t see why not, it just works.