How Do I Delete Backups

Hello and sorry again. I would like to know how do I delete Backups so I can save more disk space?

It says I have 17 increment files and 1 full file and when I visit /home/user-data/backup/encrypted. There are 55 files. Do I delete all of them? Which one to keep as a backup and which one to delete?

Thanks again.

Looks like every full or increment backups generates 3 files.
So we would have 54 Files.

To clean everything and do a new backup this two commands should do it.

rm /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/*
/root/mailinabox/management/ --full


Just read more in the backup script.
When you dont use the rm command and only do the full backup,
the old backups before the full one will be removed after 3 days.

Thanks and my questions was answered.