How do I completely disable the spam filter?

I’m pretty frustrated because I’ve been looking for work and a job interview email and it went to spam so I didn’t see it in time and I later got a notification that I was no longer being considered for this job because I didn’t respond to the previous email. I need all automated emails to go to my inbox by default. So how do I make it so absolutely nothing goes to spam unless it meets the criteria of a manually configured filter?

EDIT: I just put this rule at the bottom of my filter list, to move all messages to inbox by default hopefully this works as a quick and dirty fix

Your process works fine for single email user. I need a way by which can completely disable anti spam checking for all users in the server. Anyone can help?

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I have tried this as well as using the global sieve. Emails still go into spam… The emails that I am receiving are from the same domain as the mail server as well. Driving me up the wall.

Try changing the /etc/default/spampd maxsize to 0, it’s on line 60:

I have not tried the addopts yet because there is another option to change in that spampd file

Whether or not to start spampd (0/1)

STARTSPAMPD=0 (1 is default)

But it does not work. Also not after a restart of the server.

Would one mind going a little more into detail why a seemingly related setting does nothing but an addopts="" that seems to not be related does work?