How can MIAB process calendar invites?

How can MIAB process calendar invitations correctly ?

Seems like a NextCloud related question, not MiaB … since cal is handled by NC.

yes. I am gonna create the topic in NextCloud category then. Thanks !

Uhmm, there is no NextCloud category here. You simply reposted in the same forum.

Maybe you can find help in the NextCloud community support forums …

I disagree this is NC question since MAIB offers an opinionated combination of mail client (roundcube) and caldav client (nextcloud) the integration between the two will be up to MAIB team to decide, implement and support ultimately.


I agree with @eddie. It is possible when using a third-party client like Thunderbird for that client to handle calendar invitation as the client also handles calendaring via CalDAV. Since MiaB configures NextCloud for calendars it would be very helpful for the Roundcube web interface to be able to process calendar invites and add them to the configured NextCloud calendar.

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Agreed. This is much needed functionality for MAIB without using Nextcloud

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on the server side it can be roundcube that could take care of this via a plugin.

also if Nextcloud is used only for carddav and caldav why not implement a much lighter and specific solution such as etesync ?

Regarding the upgrade job that is gonna be done for ubuntu next version compatibility that could be an occasion for a change and ditch nextcloud…

@JoshData any opinion on this ? :blush:

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