Hosting mail for another domain causes error on status checks page

Hi, I just created a clean install of mail in a box and moved the mail folder from my old setup onto it to debug a bunch of issues I’v been having. This led me to find that having a mail user with a different domain causes the status checks page to produce a generic error. This domain has seperate name servers and is used for a website hosted elsewhere. The MX records have been changed to point at my box. Is there some other configuration requiered?

No. As long as you can stand to ignore some red. If it is really bothering you, enter the A record for the www and @ of that domain on the Custom DNS page.

We have to keep in mind that MiaB is designed with the idea that IT will be the DNS and web host for a domain. If it is not, it will show the ‘errors’. Most of the time these can be completely ignored because you KNOW that the domain’s web site is hosted elsewhere.

Sorry, I worded that badly, it’s not that there are errors shown on the Status Checks page in relation to that domain, it’s that the status checks refuse to load, and eventually I get a “Something went wrong, sorry.” error dialog. If I archive the account, the status checks work again.

Ok, then, please run the status check from the command line and share the output in a pm …

sudo ~/mailinabox/management/

Many thanks to @alento for his help. At his suggestion I have changed the nameservers for the problem domain to my MIAB. This seems to work as a workaround.

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An afterthought to this issue … the OP is using secondary DNS … I am wondering if that is not part of the issue … need further research into this.