Help with setting up the graylist or deactivating it

Good morning,
I’ve had my mail server for almost 8 years now.
I discovered it almost 6 years ago miab.
I immediately appreciated, but I often chanherg but to come back.
Because my only concern was the impossible reception of certain emails.
I understand that this is due to the graylist, is there a way to configure it differently or even deactivate it?

I have an intermediate antispam (Mailinblack) which is positioned to receive emails before they arrive on my server and obliges new senders to identify themselves by responding to an email from my antispam via a captcha.

Can you guide me to configure the graylist or deactivate it?

Thanks in advance

If you know which servers you want to accept email from, add them to the whitelist file /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local then then restart the postgrey service by sudo systemctl reload postgrey

The whitelist_clients.local file will persist between updates (like all the .local config files). whitelist_clients.local is a text file (edit it using nano or similar) with one domain or IP address range per line. So it you want to skip greylisting for emails from and from all computers - you could put the following into whitelist_clients.local


Just as andrew says above. I used to use MXGuardDog as a front end filter. My
/etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local was set up like this:


Good morning,
thank you already for your answers.
So if I understood correctly, you just have to fill in the whitelisted domains?
So in my case, the mailinblack server and for example the domain

So my file would look like this

Is that right?

Mailinblack provides the filtering I assume.
You need only the name of the server which they use to forward filtered email.
Unfortunately that is not listed on their website. My French is not good enough to search for the relevant details either.

Is the doctolib domain the one for which you use/would use MIAB? Or is it another filtering provider?

Sorry, I explained poorly.
Doctolib is a site for making an appointment with a doctor.
On this site there is a double factor authentication with the sending of a code by email.
It’s from one of the domains I never get emails from.
My domain is on my domain there are two MX records, the first to the server and the second MX record points to

In the mailinblack interface there is a redirect to

Mailinblack receives the emails first, then requests authentication from the person who sent the email, once the authentication is done, the email is transferred to my mail server, and its address added to a whitelist.

Then there is a web interface, to authorize or block a sender or a domain.

the mailinblack server I am spending on is

I will try to add the address in /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local

OK thank you I think I understand.

I believe you need only the forwarding server name from mailinblack to be listed in whitelist_clients.local

The email domain you are protecting should not need to be listed.

Sorry, couldn’t test yet, can’t install miab, PPA errors.
FAILED: add-apt-repository -y ppa:duplicity-team/duplicity-release-git

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