Help with secondary DNS servers. Old guide is down

Hi guys, I use the registrar 1and1 which does not support 2 glue records with the same IP address. I would like to set up secondary DNS servers on Digital Ocean but the link to the old guide is broken.

Can somebody give me a hand and perhaps turn this thread into the new guide for others to benefit?


Digital Ocean’s DNS is not really optimized to be a secondary DNS provider. Most would be best served to use a secondary DNS provider mentioned in the other thread:

The main providers mentioned are and BuddyNS. Personally, I am more experienced with BuddyNS.

@zibow May I ask your intended use of your domain? Will you have a separate web server serving a www page for your domain, or are you planning to only use email and perhaps a simple static web page that you will host on the MiaB server?

I already have multiple domains hosted on a different digital ocean droplet. MiaB is serving their DNS and email fine despite only being able to point one glue record at my MiaB in my domain registrar and having to use their own DNS servers as my secondary entry (despite all those records being wrong in order to be able to save my custom DNS server settings with my MiaB ns1 in first place).

I used to be able to point both glue records at the same IP for years but they made some change and it was no longer supported. Since then, I can no longer access my MiaB by . I can only access by IP/admin. The A record pointing to seems to not work since their change.

Do you know what could be the cause of this?

Thanks man

Hmmm … for that I’d need to know your domain name. Feel free to PM it to me.

This sounds scary! Let’s fix all of this! I am thinking through the process in my head now.

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Yeah, basically my ns1 is MiaB and ns2 is 1and1 and they have completely different records. But ns1 seems to take priority and all my sites work.

The only A record that is not working is the actual record. But even works!

I think this should work for 1and1…to be honest they became more and more a pain in my butt as a registrar and hosting service, so I dropped them about a year ago for almost all of my domains. But anyway, If you’re already paying for DO, you might as well use them as your second name server.

So your first one would be, your second one would be

On the Networking panel at DO, add your domain, set your A record to the IP of the server where you’re hosting MIAB and then add two NS records there, one for, and one for Go ahead and set your MX records there too, but if you’re letting MIAB do the rest of the DNS, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

Then update that at 1and1 with your two servers and you should be all set.

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How will digitalocean get the dns records? I see no mechanism to transfer the zone files to DO with this method. Am I missing something here? Or will there effectively still be only one name server?

DO is basically just going to point everything back to MIAB. That’s how I’ve got mine set up and it’s been humming along for a while.

I can’t get my head around this part … would you be willing to share an image of that set up in PM? Sadly, I do not use DO atm so I cannot look for myself. :frowning:

and at least 20 characters. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info. I need to sleep on this. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you want to peruse the DO DNS documentation:

Thanks guys!

@blinkingline My A record that currently doesn’t work is actually , not . The only way that I can access my MiaB admin pannel is by IP/admin , rather than . is a CMS site hosted on another server than my MiaB. In DO, you say to set my A record for to MiaB, but shouldn’t it be set to the server that hosts the CMS?

I’m sooo confused :rofl:

I do something similar. On the networking panel for that domain, you’ll set an A record for to point to whatever your CMS server IP is, and another A record to point to

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