Help with DNS for external website

Ok, so MIAB newbie here. Took a few false starts but I got MIAB going last night and I’m very impressed. Just a vanilla install on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14 1Gb box. I setup a couple of addresses and confirmed life via external clients with no problems.

Now I want to hook up my azure website in the DNS but I’m getting some pretty weird results. My domain is registered with OnlyDomains and has only 2 DNS glue entries: 45.xx.xx.xx 45.xx.xx.xx

To setup my azure website I need to make a CNAME record, pointing to In Custom DNS I have added: CNAME

Azure tells me that the correct CNAME record cannot be found. When I check with I get the following result: 1799 IN CNAME

Where did I go wrong? Or did I miss something?

Try adding an A record pointing to your ‘’ IP address in your MiaB ‘custom DNS’ area instead of a CNAME.

This was absolutely what I needed to do. Also, as I’ve come to read in many posts since, I missed the dot (.) on the end of my CNAME value. Adding it corrected the DNS resolution.

Thanks for your advice.