Help me please whats going on here cant fix for the life of me

So that others can assist you, please provide additional information such as MiaB version and the hosting environment.

Ubuntu 18.04 -
Latest version of mIB

Hope this helps really need it working again

What is the hosting environment?

VPS from VPS dime :grinning:

What is the output of

sudo service bind status ?

Let me check please be with you soon

Unit bind.service could not be found.

Your replies are few and far between, so is this really urgent? @bespoke44

What happened before this incident? I am assuming that your MiaB was working fine … things just don’t go from fine to not fine. Did you do anything? If so, what? Was there any kind of ISP maintenance?

If you want to hire me to explore the issue, I am available. I’ll check and diagnose the problem for you. Doing an answer a day here is not going to be productive for either of us.

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So sorry my isp is having issues … and I’m at a convention for work . I can jump on chat . At a time that suites you I’m on gmt also that could be why we are missing each other .

No major changes were made it’s a very strange situation tbh

Hey Dexter I am generally available every day after 8 PM, but most days I am in and out anytime after 3PM. Feel free to leave a PM anytime though.

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