Have a new domain to add on my mail server how to make that it is only the mail host of this

hello guys, im new ti MiB

if you have a new domain to add on my mail server how to make that it is only the mail host of this new domain that points on the mail server.because when I add a new domain on the mail server all the records of this new one are now managed on the mail server mail in box

If I understand you correctly, you have a domain name that you currently host on a VPS with MIAB. Lets say this domain name is EXAMPLE.COM and your name servers are NS1.BOX.EXAMPLE.COM and NS2.BOX.EXAMPLE.COM and they point to your VPS IPv4 address,

Now, you want to add another domain to MIAB, correct? You can do so in the Admin panel, which is Of course, your new domain, YOURNEWDOMAIN.COM must point to your name servers, otherwise it will not work.

I’m going to make a guess that you don’t want MAIB to do all your DNS work. It’s easier to make MailInaBox your domain server and make that your traffic redirection point. Then in your DNS settings at your domain name host you can make the name servers your box.

@sugumaranv correct me if I’m wrong…it should be possible to redirect the mail server parts of the domain using MX to point to the box instance? I haven’t tried it this way, but I would assume you could do it this way and not make the mailinabox your central controller for all the dns things of that domain.
I think this is what @aton85 is asking.

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Actually, I allow MIAB to be in control of DNS of my sub domains but I understand you want MIAB to control all sub domains right without using Namecheap DNS?

I think this is possible. Let us say, EXAMPLE.COM is hosted on Namecheap DNS but instead you want NS1.BOX.EXAMPLE.COM and NS2.BOX.EXAMPLE.COM using MIAB selfhosted DNS.

I did try out a test, yes, @ABC123.EXAMPLE.COM and I think it works on my box. MIAB is indeed powerful.

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