Googles Postmaster

im hosting my box on DigitalOcean.
i have done tests on like and similar sites.
i get the highest score.

the ip does not seems to be blacklisted anywhere.

still gmail and hotmail is marking my messages as spam.

i saw that someone recommended googles Postmaster tools.
but in order to use it i need to verify that i own the domain.

they give me two options, Adding a TXT record or Adding a TXT record

how can this be done in my box.

im not that experienced with mail

Best regards Joel Stahre

Go into your Boxes Admin Panel. There You can set an TXT Record under System > Custom DNS :slight_smile: only performs very simple tests, mostly SPF/DKIM… Anyone running Mail in a Box on a non-blacklisted IP should get 100%.

Like aspdye says, it’s in the admin area. Leave Subdomain blank, set Type to TXT, and paste the string Google gives you for Value. Takes all of 20 seconds.

Good suggestion, hoping this helps with gmail… Most of my mail was getting marked spam too.

Thanks for the answers!
it took under 20 seconds :smile:

@bronson you say that most of your mail was getting marked as spam too!
but has it gotten better now ?

Not sure yet, ask in a few days. : )