Gmail TLS negotiation failure

Is anyone else suddenly getting issues with email addresses being sent from gmail? I understand gmail made some changes, and I’m trying to troubleshoot for 1 user who uses gmail to send email via miab as an alias.

Yep ditto. Same problem here. Send-as working last week not broken.

Tried updating packages but doesn’t help

Seems systemic - affects both of the two MiaB servers I am running.

Quick Q - when you said ‘aware gmail making changes’ could you share reference to what was changed.

In terms of troubleshooting the problem - found if you remove the account registration and go through the setup again (with confirm code from gmail systems etc) then the problem goes away…

I was referencing this:

I tried your option of removing account registration and going through setup, but it fails - saying it can’t connect to my MIAB. Will explore this further tomorrow.

SOLVED - issue is related to ipv6. Removed ipv6 address and gmail works again.