Getting Status page error "Something went wrong, sorry." after latest updates

After the last batch of updates were applied, based on the status check email, my Web Status page runs for a minute or so then displays the “Something went wrong, sorry.” error and can’t display the page. All other pages work fine. Searching through the forum shows many different potential causes, so I am unsure which path to take. It isn’t a killer since the system is still functioning, but it is handy to have that page when troubleshooting other issues.

In the past, I noticed that refreshing my external secondary DNS server info appeared to solve the problem, but that is not working this time.


As you mentioned it isn’t a killer … but it is inconvenient.

SSH into your box and run the status checks from the command line, and see what is causing the hangup - then it is easier to determine which direction to take.

Sometimes, it is DNS not resolving … sometimes it is nginx timeout.

but , have you tried a simple reboot first?

Rebooted several times. I don’t know the status check command off the top of my head, so I’ll have to search for that first.

Yep, DNS again. I’ll have to troubleshoot this more as my external DNS checks resolved everything correctly. 2 of the secondary servers don’t appear to be responding from MIAB itself (using free DNS from 1984 for secondary DNS).

from the /mailinabox/management directory …

sudo ./

If you’d be willing to PM me your MiaB’s hostname there are a couple of things I could check quickly. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it appears to be a 1984 DNS issue. MIAB never received a response from two of their nameservers. This happens way too often, so I will probably start searching for a good, free secondary DNS service again.

Ok, sounds good. BTW I just learned that Gandi offers secondary DNS in case you registered your domain through them.

Why not just use your MIAB as a DNS provider for itself. It was built to do just that.

GoDaddy, namecheap, and network solutions all offer free DNS for customers as well.

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