Getting Blocked by ATT?


So the two domains I have on my mailinabox instance, the one where the box was configured for the domain is able to send mail freely to att emails. After Client emails through second domain to an att email, suddenly our IP has been blocked by ATT. I’ve contacted ATT and they have lifted the ban but it occurred once again and the next response was that there was something wrong with my SPF records on my second domain but they didn’t discuss it further. I am using Custom DNS with Cloudflare and some of the lights are not green on the dashboard (I’ll post an image here in a minute). Looking for help. anyone?

Usually by now it should recognize a custom dns setup. Hmm.


Exactly HOW was the email sent? Roundcube? PHP app from a website?

Your System Status Checks look ok. The errors are common for domains which have a website hosted elsewhere, so nothing to be concerned with there.

From what I know, she sent the email through Apple’s Mail app on her iMac using the Auto Config file provided in the User Setup menu.

Edit: I can provide DNS Screenshots if needed.

Sorry but I am unfamiliar with Mac’s so someone else will need to chime in. I do know that the autoconfig does not always properly work - but if that were the case, the email would never have even been sent, so that is not the case here.

Care to PM me your MiaB hostname and the domain name for domain 2? I can double check SPF for you.

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I highly doubt it but it might be due to something like mta-sts that isnt enabled on MiaB installs.


Not sure if this is something to recommend and open an issue on GitHub for or not.

Although, I do not know nor think it is the issue here.

Update: The OP’s spf records are all being served correctly. This looks like another case of David vs Goliath with AT&T deciding whose email to accept and whose to reject. I have urged the OP to try to communicate with AT&T to see if they will be able to reach a solution.

What comes to mind is what is the IP address reputation? How long has the original poster (OP) had the IP address? What it abused beforehand?

Also, what kind of IP address is it? If it is a residential IP address, then of course it looks bad. If AT&T is the one who is the ISP for the OP’s server, then maybe that is the problem, since I would assume it would be a residential package and a resident IP address given.

No history on IP, had the IP for 3 months. Server is hosted in New York. But good news I sent an email to ATT and got a response 98 hours later that it’s being unblocked.