Get the content of a greylisted email

I have a very important mail that got greylisted and not resent after many hours… Is there a way to read its content?

I am sure there is a way, but the greylist only holds emails for like 10-15 minutes, you sure it wasn’t marked as spam and put in Junk?

are you sure? With greylisting the mail is not accepted. The mailserver tells: sorry you are not allowed to give me the email yet. come back later.

If that mailserver does not re-send it is not configured well and you have to ask the user to send it per snailmail or via another kind of mail provider.

Normally when greylisting is turned on a mailserver is re-sending after 5 or 10 minutes the same mail and than is detected as returning postman and the mail wil than mostly be accepted and put in the mailbox and only than it is readable.

Yes, that is correct. I misspoke about how it works.