Get rid of status check errors for secondary domain

I’ve been using MiaB for a while with one domain and just added a second but now I’m getting errors on my status checks page for the new domain such as “The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect” and “This domain should resolve to your box’s IP address.” I’m only using MiaB for email on this domain so I have its DNS set up elsewhere and the main domain pointing to a web server. I found this other post that seems to be the same thing and there’s a short but sweet “no worries” answer:

I can accept that this is “ok” and there is nothing to worry about, but my OCD just hates looking at the status check page and seeing red Xs. In software development, we run our tests and see “all green” and know we’re good. As I’m learning more about being a MiaB admin, I was loving the status checks page since it acted like my “all green” confirmation… until now. Is there any way to tell MiaB this is a secondary domain and the website is hosted elsewhere so don’t do those particular checks?

Likely the only way is to sumbit a PR to do exactly as you desire. I do believe there is one PR somewhere possibly even accepted into main that tones down some of the messages a bit, but really this is an open source project with a handful of devs that ever contribute actual code.

Point the A record on the second domain to it’s actual location on the Custom DNS page in the admin area. Let me know what happens afterwards - I am not sure that it will totally relieve the issue. @Brent

Thanks @alento! It doesn’t clean it up entirely as I’d ideally like but it does turn the red “X” marks into a more friendly greenish color “?” instead. Good enough to satisfy my OCD and now I can look at the page and see no red and know I’m probably OK. Thanks!

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Sadly, this gets even worse if you’re purely using external DNS (none of my DNS is hosted via the box), on top of having DNSSEC activated.

Multiply that by the 18 domains I have on the box and it makes my OCD go off the rails. Obviously not complaining, I understand the implications of using external DNS and why this happens. I think I’ll simply live with it and ignore the non-errors.

Still a good conversation to have, since I’m sure I’m not the only one that uses external DNS.

For now, I’ll just hide the errors like this:

And if I notice one of those three OK-statuses disappear, like the Spamhaus message, I’ll know there’s an error I need to look into. Or use a little JS to show my own errors if those OK values change.

There are posts in the forums on this, issues in the GitHub, and even a PR or two, possibly one is in main, but I might be wrong on that.

This isn’t going to change without submitting a PR.

I have maybe three domains using MIaB as a DNS server, the rest are external. I even have domains that have expired that are still there so I can access the email accounts.

So, yes, you aren’t the only one dealing with this and for me and likely others (possibly you?) the inconvenience of occasionally viewing a less than perfect interface is offset by not having to manage every moving component of a mail server.

Yeah, I’ve seen at least one other on this forum and quite a few on Github. Can’t respond on the forum due to auto-closing though. Github I tend to feel it’s inappropriate to use as a discussion forum. Showing the want/need through discussion can sometimes help to get the ball rolling or illicit an idea on the proper implementation.

And I agree, it’s a fairly minor thing with an overall fantastic set up. Which is likely why I’ll just use a quick and hacky way of stopping myself from seeing it. If I decide it’s a bigger issue than it is, I’ll fork the project and take the time to come up with a solution and submit a pull request.