Full restore on local machine

By acting like an idiot on my machine at 3 AM I destroyed something so it doesn’t work anymore.

I can log in to the admin panel and the webmail (via IP) but if I try to change something in the admin panel it always goes 500.
Maybe I’m stupid but I don’t understand how to restore the backup of that, can someone write me the right command, please?

See this guide. Try running the mailinabox script first. It can fix many issues.

If you need to restore from backups see the section there on moving to a new box.

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Come to Slack and I or someone can help you troubleshoot. Likely it is a minor issue.


Yep, i run the script many times and followed the guide but I don’t understand how to properly write the command.
I found that my issue is in the DNS and I found this command

PASSPHRASE=$(cat /home/user-data/backup/secret_key.txt) duplicity restore --time 3D --file-to-restore mail/mailboxes/domain/user file:///home/user-data/backup/encrypted/ /tmp/restored-files

I’m simply looking for a way to adapt it to restore the DNS, in the proper way, on the same machine without having to setup a new server just to restore files

Ok there is your first problem. Restore is all or nothing.

From where comes this???

Anyways, we should examine what the underlying cause is … simply restoring your backup is not likely to fix that. Since you don’t quite seem to remember what exactly you did at 3AM it MAY be a better choice to simply migrate to a different VPS.

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