Free SSL Certificates by Let's Encrypt without using the Shell

Hi there,

If you need an new SSL Certificate for your Domain, and you want to use Let’s Encrypt, you may not want to wait until it will be natively integrated into Mail-in-a-Box. So - why not getting it trough shell? - Because you have not enough knowledge or understanding of the Shell? No Problem. You can use this great web based tool to get an free certificate in 5 minutes:

Created by diafygi. Thank you for that :smiley:

(The Source Code of this static page is open, and maybe we can use it for the MiaB LE Integration too @JoshData)

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I ended up building my own client library for Let’s Encrypt:

The hard part though is really getting proper integration with Mail-in-a-Box. It’s getting close:

Worked for me - only extra step is stopping nginx so you can do the domain ownership verification. Otherwise it’s very easy.

Tip: Issue a new Certificate after 30 or 60 days and dont wait until day 89. if there are any issues You Would have enough Time to fix them :wink:

Would you mind making a step by step tutorial ?

Coming tomorrow :slight_smile: I will do it :slight_smile:

I put my notes here, 2nd comment:

Happy to answer questions.

Thanks! I appreciate it. :slight_smile: